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Does God Exist?

Each side of the eternal debate has become expert at arguing away the uncertainties. Yet what if you were willing not only to confront those uncertainties, but to embrace them using the universal language of mathematical probabilities? That’s what Dr. Stephen Unwin attempts to
do in this riveting, accessible, and
witty book, The Probability of God:
A Simple Calculation That Proves The Ultimate Truth


Joan Bakewell's Guardian review of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion and Stephen Unwin's response

Author's appearance in Lord Robert Winston's BBC1 documentary The Story of God



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What People Are Saying

"One of the most innovative works [in the science and religion movement] is The Probability of God...An entertaining exercise in thinking." --Michael Shermer, Scientific American

"Stephen Unwin has pulled off the seemingly impossible- a profound and instructive discussion of God delivered in an entertaining, witty and no-nonsense style. His quirky prose conceals a wealth of information about science, religion and the grounds for rational belief. He bypasses the indulgent obscurantism so characteristic of contemporary theological writing and goes straight to the heart of the matter: Is belief in God a reasonable deduction given the evidence? That Unwin can achieve this with minimal mathematics is a testimony to his incisive mind and impressive writing skills." --Paul Davies, Templeton Prize winner and author of The Mind of God and The Cosmic Blueprint

"... a joy to read." "... a wonderful thought experiment." "... distinguish[es] Unwin as a scholar who can certainly relate to nonmathematical people." --Hemant Mehta, Notices of the American Mathematical Society

"Unwin's book [is] peppered with wry, self-deprecating humor that makes the scientific discussions more accessible...Spiritually inspiring." --Chicago Sun Times

"A pleasantly breezy account of some complicated matters well worth learning about." --Philadelphia Inquirer

"This book is very bad news for anyone planning a career in Evil. Engaging, witty, concise and clear, Dr. Unwin's book achieves two impossible things: it makes Theology and Probability Theory accessible to humans." --Rob Grant, co-creator of the "Red Dwarf" television series and author of Backwards

One of the best things about the book is its humor." -- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"In a book that is surprisingly lighthearted and funny, Unwin manages to pack in a lot of facts about science and philosophy." --Salt Lake Tribune

"Perhaps the most ingenious recent argument for the existence of God." -- Michael Hanlon, The Science of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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