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Since its publication in 2003, The Probability of God has become a lightening rod for discussion, debate and contention-- a little surprising for a book about math, religion, and teenagers in a shopping mall. Here are a few of the articles:

Philadelphia Inquirer (Editor's Choice)Philiadelphia Inquirer Frank Wilson Editor's Choice Probability of God review
American Mathematical Societ

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Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun Times Cathleen Falsani Probability of God article

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Plain Dealer Karen Long article Stephen D. Unwin
Guardian (UK) Guardian UK Probability of God article
Superinteressante (Brazil) Superinteressante Brazil Barbara Axt  Probability of God article
Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake Tribune Stephen D. Unwin Interview
Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle Probability of God Newhouse article
Times Higher Education Supplement (UK) Times Higher Education Supplement London
Dagbladet (Norway) Dagbladet Norway Probability of God article
Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly
Columbus Dispatch
Herald Sun (Australia) Australia Herald Sun
Time Warner's AroundCinci.com Time Warner Road Runner AroundCinci.com
Dayton Daily News

Unwin has also made numerous television and radio appearances-- BBC News 24, Fox News Live, CBC Tapestry, Radio Netherlands Amsterdam Forum, Radio New Zealand, and the BBC World Service, to mention a few.

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